Transcribed testimony (2) Tim

I live with my mum. Always have done. I’m thirty three and see no reason to change. I’ve never worked, always odd-jobbed, for my mum, her friends, the neighbours, myself. I’ve got an allotment, a garden full of veg. Woodwork, painting, cooking, cleaning, clearance, lifting, shifting – you name it, I can do it. People pay me in old clothes, old appliances, odd necessities. There’s little I need and even less I want. When I left school I went to the job centre, applied for social security, told them everything. They said I’d have to turn myself into a business, become a self-employed odd-jobber and keep books. I didn’t go again. A neighbour had a hip operation, asked me to shop for her. I couldn’t go in couldn’t enter the supermarket. I tried – turned queasy, felt guilty, went home and looked up Internet shopping.

I think I may be a casualty.

10 Responses to “Transcribed testimony (2) Tim”

  1. Sharon Says:

    You’re making it sound like something to aspire to … and you still live with your mum and you’re 33? As far as I am concerned anything you do with your life is fine – but sometimes you have to make a bit of an effort. Some people are suffering here.

  2. Tim Says:

    Has anybody heard of Freegans? There’s a whole movement dedicated to finding things in skips and foraging round the back of supermarkets at closing time. Freeganism.

  3. Rich Says:

    Sounds more like a life choice to me, not something you can’t help.
    I don’t want to go dumper diving or foraging around in pig bins –
    I want to go shopping

  4. Tim Says:

    It may seem like a life choice but it’s more and more of a necessity the rate we’re destroying the planet and if you don’t think it’s an affort to live with your mum till you’re 33 you should try it. I decided early on I’d make as minimal an environmental impact on the world as possible.
    They call it your carbon footprint now but even back then it seemed a crazy waste of space to buy or rent another flat when my mum’s place is so big and she didn’t want to move, still doesn’t. And is there anyone out there you really want to work for in this messed up world? No…
    so I thought: stick to friends and family. Why not?
    But don’t think I don’t make an effort, I do.

  5. Sharon Says:

    Ooh! Pressed someone’s buttons there. But it’s still a choice.

  6. Tim Says:

    Maybe it seemed like a choice once upon a time but it isn’t any more.

  7. Sharon Says:

    Yeah, but what does your mother think?

  8. Tim Says:

    Have you met my mother? It was her idea. She went to Findhorn, grew
    all her own fruit and veg, kept pigs and chickens and never worked for the man (as she called him) and detested our dark satanic mills.
    Now more than ever she’ll still say.

  9. Sharon Says:

    What about your dad?

  10. Tim Says:

    What about him?

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