8 Responses to “Links/Dates”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I’m going to Southampton in November. Anyone else?

  2. Ken Says:


  3. Steve Says:

    more info on freegans at

  4. Steve Says:

    Has anyone else heard of Buy Nothing Day?
    Go to

  5. Ken Says:

    Just for a day then …
    people don’t really buy something every day …
    do they?

  6. shopaphobia Says:

    Buy Nothing Day is on November 28th

  7. Ken Says:

    I didn’t make it to the Drill Hall – I’ll try and get to the Brighton gig
    but so much depends on what everybody else is doing these days.
    How was Southampton, anybody? Jessica?

  8. Jessica Says:

    Ive got a bit stuck. Im ok tho. I cant shop but all i do is talk about it shopping that is what i used to buy and where i used to buy it and what i want to buy and what I really need and I don’t know any more and it doesn’t help so its better just to keep going but I am okay

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