Stopped Press

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4 Responses to “Stopped Press”

  1. Swithin Says:

    …don’t start me! Cor, when I think back to the awful C word…spend, spend, spend – it was bad enough when my kids were young…Barbie dolls – at least my daughter had the sense to eat its head – good girl: but now she’s got kids, and they watch the T word, and what they want (or think they want, brain-washed, bloody brain-washed!) costs more money than I earn in a week…I can’t go on. This is bringing tears to my eyes. Where’s the tissues, Eida? What! You ain’t bought any…

  2. shopaphobia Says:

    C word? T word? What word? Can’t go on or won’t go on?
    What’s happening? Are you okay?

  3. Tim Says:

    Things have just got a whole lot worse for many of us
    but if you don’t use money …
    if you can’t shop …
    it doesn’t make any difference.

  4. solo Says:

    do you think you might be shopaphobic?

    do you know some one else who might be?

    are you happy the way things are?

    are you apprehensive?

    does anything get on your nerves?

    what do you expect/want to happen next?

    what is life like?

    have you tried to shop?

    what happened?

    how are you coping?

    Please share your experiences here

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