From Our Psychoeconomic Correspondent

So it wasn’t the banks playing fast and loose with my nest egg

It appears that that ‘shopaphobiaitis’, now assessed on Axis II in the American Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders IV [DSM IV] has been the primary cause of deflationary pressures in world economies

The appeal to reason (Buy mor sh*t or we are all f*cked) for those suffering this disorder is to date the only intervention known to psychiatric practitioners although success rates in the early sample have been low.

They are aware of the phenomena and endorse the above message in the hope that it will prevent world economies slipping back into the age of barter as currencies become as valuable as leaves in autumn in the Amazon Rain Forest

This sort of attitude

is considered to have been one of the major contributors to the malaise now being felt by so many

Your Psychoeconomic Correspondent

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One Response to “From Our Psychoeconomic Correspondent”

  1. solo Says:

    Hmm … the great Bill Hicks … its a lot more widespread than you may think and only yesterday I was reading a call to buy only second hand goods so as not to contribute to the problem …
    BUY! did they really mean BUY?
    second hand goods may be obtained by other means …
    and do we always have a choice?
    do we ever have a choice?

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