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Transcribed testimony (2) Tim

September 14, 2009

I live with my mum. Always have done. I’m thirty three and see no reason to change. I’ve never worked, always odd-jobbed, for my mum, her friends, the neighbours, myself. I’ve got an allotment, a garden full of veg. Woodwork, painting, cooking, cleaning, clearance, lifting, shifting – you name it, I can do it. People pay me in old clothes, old appliances, odd necessities. There’s little I need and even less I want. When I left school I went to the job centre, applied for social security, told them everything. They said I’d have to turn myself into a business, become a self-employed odd-jobber and keep books. I didn’t go again. A neighbour had a hip operation, asked me to shop for her. I couldn’t go in couldn’t enter the supermarket. I tried – turned queasy, felt guilty, went home and looked up Internet shopping.

I think I may be a casualty.

Transcribed testimony (1) Sharon

September 14, 2009

I was once a joyous shopper. 
I loved clothes, make up, nail extensions – the works. 
I still do. 

But now I’m lurching between depression and near hysteria. 
I can’t go into shops. 
My friends have tried physically forcing me in. 
I’ve tried alcohol, tranquillisers, hypnotherapy –
but still can’t get through the door. 
I want a cure and I want it quick – my image is so last year
and my nails are a mess!
It was instant: I was in Primark and a voice in my head said,
‘Put down the blouse and back away from the clothes rail –
get out of the shop.  Now!’