January 25, 2018

Even the shopaphobia support group appears to endorse

adverts for so-called unmissable bargains –

they are all eminently missable

and we apologies for any offence caused

This may be biting the hand that feeds us

but it does need biting … and hard …

Ignore all advertising

we neither endorse nor want it

these are not attempts to tempt you to buy


January 27, 2015


that’s just


what about the other 364 days?


Please share your experiences

January 27, 2015

do you think you might be shopaphobic?

do you know some one else who might be?

are you happy the way things are?

are you apprehensive?

does anything get on your nerves?

what do you expect/want to happen next?

what is life like?

have you tried to shop?

what happened?

how are you coping?

Please share your experiences here

From Our Psychoeconomic Correspondent

November 14, 2010

So it wasn’t the banks playing fast and loose with my nest egg

It appears that that ‘shopaphobiaitis’, now assessed on Axis II in the American Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders IV [DSM IV] has been the primary cause of deflationary pressures in world economies

The appeal to reason (Buy mor sh*t or we are all f*cked) for those suffering this disorder is to date the only intervention known to psychiatric practitioners although success rates in the early sample have been low.

They are aware of the phenomena and endorse the above message in the hope that it will prevent world economies slipping back into the age of barter as currencies become as valuable as leaves in autumn in the Amazon Rain Forest

This sort of attitude

is considered to have been one of the major contributors to the malaise now being felt by so many

Your Psychoeconomic Correspondent

Stopped Press

March 30, 2010

Stories may be submitted by email to shopaphobia from http://www.clairedowie.co.uk or directly as comments here.

New Thoughts

November 18, 2009

We are interested to hear from anyone who went to one of the meetings recently. Please let us know your thoughts.

Buy Little Buy Less Buy Nothing At All

September 15, 2009

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September 15, 2009


Transcribed testimony (2) Tim

September 14, 2009

I live with my mum. Always have done. I’m thirty three and see no reason to change. I’ve never worked, always odd-jobbed, for my mum, her friends, the neighbours, myself. I’ve got an allotment, a garden full of veg. Woodwork, painting, cooking, cleaning, clearance, lifting, shifting – you name it, I can do it. People pay me in old clothes, old appliances, odd necessities. There’s little I need and even less I want. When I left school I went to the job centre, applied for social security, told them everything. They said I’d have to turn myself into a business, become a self-employed odd-jobber and keep books. I didn’t go again. A neighbour had a hip operation, asked me to shop for her. I couldn’t go in couldn’t enter the supermarket. I tried – turned queasy, felt guilty, went home and looked up Internet shopping.

I think I may be a casualty.

Transcribed testimony (1) Sharon

September 14, 2009

I was once a joyous shopper. 
I loved clothes, make up, nail extensions – the works. 
I still do. 

But now I’m lurching between depression and near hysteria. 
I can’t go into shops. 
My friends have tried physically forcing me in. 
I’ve tried alcohol, tranquillisers, hypnotherapy –
but still can’t get through the door. 
I want a cure and I want it quick – my image is so last year
and my nails are a mess!
It was instant: I was in Primark and a voice in my head said,
‘Put down the blouse and back away from the clothes rail –
get out of the shop.  Now!’